Like many prominent designers, OS Designs & Partners is made up of a multi-disciplined team with a passion for bringing clients’ dreams to life. 

Spearheaded by Lead Designer and Founder Oz Lancaster, the studio has lent its name to a range of interior design projects on high-end properties, luxury yachts and superjets.

From grade-listed luxury residences in the United Kingdom and Europe to regal palaces in the Middle East, OS Designs & Partners lets its portfolio speak for itself.

But there is something else about this design studio.

Something slightly less tangible than an esteemed reputation and a mesmerising portfolio...

A New Approach to Design

A project with OS Designs & Partners means years of experience and a creative yet functional approach to design.

But what separates OS Designs & Partners from the crowd? Just what is it that sets this young and dynamic design studio a cut above the rest?

Oz and the team are on a mission to breathe fresh life into the design sphere.

It is the reason clients return time and again to OS Designs & Partners, in search of something new.

Despite the dizzying variety of its portfolio, each new project is underwritten by the studio’s signature energy.

Single-handedly subverting everything we take for granted in design, and creating something totally unexpected.

This energy, passion and dynamism has guided OS Designs & Partners since its inception.

It’s the beginning of a design revolution.