Denison Yachting are passionate and serious about yacht brokerage.

Denison believe that they are uniquely positioned in the yachting community. They have an unrivalled family history in the industry and boast an international focus that few brokerage houses can truly match.

With Denison you can rest assured you're working with the ideal yacht broker giving you the ability to have an industry insider fighting for and taking care of your best interests. With this comes peace of mind at the closing table and protection throughout every delicate step of the yacht-buying process, having access to all of the right yachting vendors and professionals is only the beginning.

“We believe we are uniquely positioned in the yachting community, with an unrivaled family history and an international focus few brokerage houses can match.

Working with the right yacht broker gives you the ability to have an industry insider fighting for your best interests. Having peace of mind at the closing table, being protected throughout the delicate steps of the yacht-buying process, and having access to all the right yachting professionals and vendors is only the beginning.

Choosing the right yacht representative does make a difference.”


Denison Yacht Insurance was formed through collaboration with another family owned and operated insurance agency that has over 30 years’ experience in the business. The two businesses share beliefs in strong customer satisfaction.

Our agency specializes in yacht insurance, both sail & powerboat.

Our professional service is extended to all clients. Our staff works quickly to obtain competitive insurance quotes, service your policy and address any questions, comments, or concerns.

Yacht insurance policies may be written for both domestic and international waters. We have the ability to cover your vessel overseas and locally!

In the event of an emergency, an experienced agent is available by phone 24/7 to answer questions. We strongly believe, as your agent, it is our duty to personally represent you if a claim should arise.

For yacht insurance quotes, please contact Brian Rasmussen:
+1 (954) 763-3971 / [email protected]