With over 400 Nordhavns now built and out roaming the world there are a great number of opportunities available for the adventurous person like you who is getting ready to explore the seas. We can provide you with individual model specifications, factory and delivery options pricing, DVD films about our adventures and company, copies of Circumnavigator, our in-house magazine which highlights the trawler lifestyle and much, much more!

The resale value legacy of the Nordhavn brand is one of our strongest assets. A boat built rugged and tough on the outside, and luxurious on the inside does not go out of style. Our systems engineering designed to propel you to distant shores also includes easy access for maintenance and repairs. It may appear a bit of a financial stretch to join the Nordhavn fleet, but your investment will be rewarded when your cruising ends and you list your boat for sale. You need to enter this arena with an exit strategy – your sales associate can advise on important decisions to evaluate like if you should seek a flybridge, whether you are better off with a wide body or double walkway around the salon, what brand of stabilizers is best and so on through all of the key components. Knowledge is power and the more you know about Nordhavn the easier it will be for you to make up your mind and the happier you will be.

When you have settled on a model and are ready to make an offer we have the legal forms and a secure brokerage trust account to protect you during this process. Nordhavn salesmen specialize in this market and know what comparable boats have sold for and can help you negotiate the best price. Buying a used Nordhavn and spending a considerable sum for that privilege can be a stressful process with a lot of decisions to be made in a compressed time frame; we are trained to help make this a pleasurable experience. We can help you prepare by putting you in touch with the top legal, insurance and finance experts in our field. We can also connect you with current Nordhavn owners to seek their advice and solicit their opinions on what works and what doesn’t. And, often times, a Nordhavn changes hands yet never comes up on the open market. We know who is planning to sell and who is looking for their boat well in advance and can give you inside information to react swiftly.