3 Episodes

This is Monaco

Written & Directed by Superyachts.com

The documentary series "This is Monaco" delves into the historical legacy behind the greatest yacht show on earth, the luxury lifestyle that encompasses it, and the new wave of yacht owners that wait on the horizon.

Monaco is a destination truly like no other. Nestled comfortably between the Alps and the Mediterranean, the small principality of Monaco is a captivating combination of modern luxury, sophisticated style, and enduring culture. Monaco has endless rewards for those who wish to explore its lively heart. For the past two decades, Monaco Yacht Show has remained the landmark event in the yachting industry calendar, and is considered the ultimate stage to showcase the largest and most exciting superyachts in the world. From key industry figures and globally renowned designers to revolutionary technology and sustainable initiatives, we'll be giving you a glimpse into what makes this elite playground so unique.
By Superyachts.com