Dodecanese Luxury Yachting Guide

A stunning group of unique islands, the Dodecanese straddle the divide between Europe and Asia, displaying an intriguing blend of architectural styles and customs. A wide array of breathtaking landscapes sit beneath a soothing azure sky and innumerable diamond-white beaches rest like jewels on a crown of translucent turquoise water in this lush archipelago.

A glorious combination of crystalline sea, majestic mountains, verdant meadows and gorgeous beaches, there are 136 islands and islets within the Dodecanese group. Some are bucolic idylls populated by quaint fishing villages, while others are bustling cosmopolitan epicentres.

Profiting from the hot Aegean sun that somehow seems to shine down on these lovely isles all year round, the Dodecanese are a serene yet chic island group that will only grow in popularity as its natural amenities are as overwhelming as they are beautiful. There are 18 main islands and, of those 18, the biggest and best are the islands of Rhodes, Kos, Patmos and Simi.

The largest and most developed of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is a bastion of luxury and intense beauty. Home to ancient towns, sprawling and sumptuous villas, and long glittering stretches of coastline, Rhodes has long attracted a glamorous clientele who enjoy the exquisite opportunities for indulgence. The gathering place for most yachting enthusiasts is the dazzling Anthony Quinn Bay, with its shimmering turquoise water held within a pincer of crimson rock.

For those wanting to avoid the commercialism of Faliraki, Lindos is a picturesque village that has been called home by artists and writers over the centuries. Famous for a string of elaborate Tudor mansions built in the Rhodian style known as the captains houses, there is always a plush hideaway available in this quaint locale.

Kos is an island of intense tropical beauty with its lush vegetation and dramatic coastlines of pearly beach. Naturally beautiful, the islands has attracted a large amount of tourism in the past, though it still retains its organic resplendence.

For a truly picturesque island, look no further than Patmos. This glorious island, along with its vibrant capital city of Chora, boast lovely architecture, fantastic amenities and boutique resorts sure to win the heart of any traveller. For a private sun-soaking experience, travel to Patmos’ eastern coast to secure a stretch of sand or pebble beach all your own.

With a brilliant coastline of over 84 kilometres, Simi is a charming and tranquil locale that is perfect for intrepid sailing, as many of its darling coves and rocky niches are only accessible by boat. Neoclassical houses painted with a superb pastel palette pack the towns of this diminutive island, and its enigmatic red roof tiles add to the lovely ambience. With locals skilled in wood carving there are many opportunities to secure some fantastic crafts or handmade furniture. Nightlife here is concentrated to a handful of premier restaurants and a few elegant bars.



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