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Elegant restaurants in exotic settings, lively bars playing soul-soothing music and high-energy casinos under dazzling lights are evening escapes in the Dominican Republic.

Cigar Relaxation
As the largest producer of cigars in the world, the Dominican Republic truly is the genuine Cigar Country. Made of superior quality, the cigars cover a wide variety of aromas, colours and price tags. With the Dominican Republic being home to the highest-quality cigars the world has to offer, sampling the country’s freshly-rolled finest on the deck of your yacht as the sun sets is indeed a unique experience.




Lucia, in Puerto Plata, is an intimate and elegant restaurant with an amazing position over Casa Colonial’s mangrove gardens. Decorated with vibrant orchids and soft lights, this enticing eatery serves a menu of global-fusion that has its stylish clientele returning time and time again.

Meson de Bari
Known to be a favourite of Oscar de la Renta, Meson de Bari in Santo Domingo is a lively yet relaxing combination of downstairs bar and upstairs restaurant. Home to fabulous live musicians on the weekends, it’s a perfectly undemanding place to spend an evening ashore.

Loft is considered the premier nightspot in Santo Domingo, attracting a crowd of international celebrities and jet-setters to its exclusive and well-dressed interior.

The north coast’s best-dressed can be found at Mangu in Playa Dorada, the place to head for a highly social evening.

The Dominican Republic is home to some excellent casinos whose dazzling lights and winning tables are well -worth a trip ashore. The biggest and best can be found in Punta Cana, although major resort complexes around the island house smaller but nevertheless entertaining high-roller options. Blackjack, poker, roulette and craps tables are usually available till dawn, if not around the clock.

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