Egypt & Red Sea Luxury Yachting Guide

Nestled high in Africa’s northeast corner is an ancient country of vast desert and immaculate coastline. An intrepidly alluring jumble of historical wonders, sun-kissed beaches, fascinating diving, and luxury hotels, Egypt is wrapped in an aura of culture that makes the land simply sing with life, sound, beauty and excitement.

Steeped in history known the world-over, Egypt is home to some of the most striking scenes both on land and water; and it is these that bring the majority of wide-eyed travellers to its striking heart. As the mighty Nile River snakes its way through the deep reds and rich browns of the land, the Red Sea hides a treasure trove of captivating dive sites beneath its shimmering surface. Inland sit the natural wonders of the great pyramids and the barren attraction of the vast desert.

Red Sea
A heavenly haze of eternal blue where the desert meets the ocean, the Red Sea couldn’t be more misleading by name. A breathtakingly exotic seascape, this amazing sea is the shining pathway between Asia and Africa, and a truly awe-inspiring cruising ground. Beneath its azure blue surface is an absolute fantasyland of sprawling reefs, living creatures, and coral gardens that see it ranked as one of the world’s most spectacular diving and snorkelling destinations.

Sinai Peninsula
Perched on the most northerly point is the Sinai Peninsula, a 1600 kilometre stretch of water towards the Indian Ocean. The fabulous beachside resort town of Sharm-El-Sheikh can be found sharing its coastline, while the vibrant town of Hurghada is a yachting favourite.

On the northern shore of Egypt, lapped by the gentle waters of the Mediterranean, sit the vibrant coastal towns of Alexandria and Port Said. Alexandria is an oddly compelling blend of historic city and lost treasures alongside the modern architecture of a luxurious seaside resort. As one of Egypt’s most impressive port towns, Alexandria is home to a glorious array of ancient treasures from the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, to the haunting ruins of Cleopatra’s Palace. Stunning beaches dot the darling Corniche, while the flourishing gardens of the Antoniadis Villa make for the perfect onshore break.

River Nile
Cruising the Nile is a journey into the beating heart of Egypt, opening visitors to not only the mysterious world of the Pharaohs, but also the colour and culture of modern-day Egypt. Along the Nile lies the enthralling capital of Cairo, home to the mighty pyramids, and the eye-catching town of Luxor. Often coined the world’s greatest open-air museum, Luxor offers visitors an historic adventure through the Valley of the Queens and the cursed tomb of Tutankhamen.

Egypt & Red Sea

Egypt & Red Sea

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