Ekincik Luxury Yachting Guide

A glorious rural village sheltered among a forest of verdant pines, the old-world charm of Ekincik shines against the crystalline bay skirted by glittering sands. A scattering of ancient stone ruins provide an exquisite backdrop to the resplendent gleam of land and sea, where the locals are genial and the skies reflect a radiant sheen of deepest azure.

The quaint town of Ekincik is home to a glorious bounty of natural splendour, with its pristine ivory-sand beaches, yawning teal waters and verdant pine forests. Close to the famous ruins at Caunos, this secluded haven is often used as a tranquil base for yachts anxious to explore the ancient and exotic treasures on and around the Dalyan peninsula. Described by devoteés as paradise on earth, the diminutive village of Ekincik along with its modest bay are quietly celebrated by discerning travellers the world around.

Ekincik is a truly unspoiled bastion of rich nature reserves and resplendent landscapes and an integral stop on the lauded Blue Voyage. Not to be missed, this truly lovely village is unlike any other along the dazzling Turquoise Coast and, in many ways, is beyond compare.

Caunos ruins
Ekinick is notorious for its proximity to the Caunos ruins, and with good reason. Dazzling stone structures crumble into deep cobalt waters with a picture-perfect effect though that is not the only attraction available. Thermal springs and healing sulphur mud baths abound, are renowned for their therapeutic benefits and, as such, are much lauded and highly popular. Whether visited for medicinal or recreation purposes, a sojourn to Caunos should not be missed as the trip to its rugged shores, tracing a dream-like path through the shallow channel paths thick with reed beds and Lycian rock tombs, is beyond compare.

Outdoor enthusiasts will exult in the wealth of opportunities to enjoy the balmy Mediterranean sun and sea: water sports of all kinds, trekking and swimming are much vaunted to locals and visitors alike. Nearby caves offer secluded swimming areas of intense natural beauty, while the heart of the sprawling pine forests are a naturalists dream come to life. Diverse life teems on land and sea and the native species of plants and flowers are sure to enthrall and enrapture.

The luminous inlet bay of the town of Ekincik lies opposite an aging lighthouse where glorious views of the Turquoise Coast can be enjoyed. Ekincik itself is home to a beautiful beach with a handful of quaint cafés and restaurants with a simple menu of rich traditional dishes executed to the highest standard.



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