Faroe Islands Luxury Yachting Guide

The little-known Faroe Islands may seem as though they have been haphazardly plonked in the middle of the north Atlantic, but these wonderfully eccentric yachting hideaways know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to stunning geography, timeless adventure, and infinite discovery.

To sail along the rugged Faroese coasts and between the mysterious mountainous islands is a chance to experience the incredible presence of nature of a forgotten land while enjoying all the modern comforts of your luxury superyacht.

Although they stand like a remote secret in the misty Atlantic over 300 kilometres from the nearest landfall, the 22 islands of the Faroes are in fact part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Of the 22 isles, 17 are inhabited, with the most action concentrated in the capital city of Torshavn on the main island of Streymoy.

Located in the south, this thriving town more than makes up for its lack of size with its undeniable fairytale appearance and infectious friendliness. The well-preserved old town is a jumble of intricate lanes and narrow passages that lead by tiny, multi-coloured houses all abuzz with the captivating lifestyle of a town from the Middle Ages.

Having escaped the fires that decimated almost all Nordic timber-built towns of its time, Tórshavn is completely unique in the world and a sight few can claim to have seen. A pleasant variety of restaurants, hotels, cafés, and galleries can be found in the heart of the town which offers a peaceful escape from the frenzied pace of everyday life.

Leynar and Vestmanna
Keen fisherman and bird-lovers alike will delight in these two small villages in Streymoy’s south which besides playing home to a lake brimming with salmon and sea trout, act as a brilliant gateway to exploring the famed Vestmanna birdcliffs of Vestmannabjørgini. The view gained from sailing beneath these cliffs that rise some 600 metres above sea level is unforgettable; seabirds glide overhead while there are plenty of grottoes to explore along the coast, rich in textures and colours.

Mykines and Vágar
The western Faroe Island of Mykines is another bird-watcher’s paradise with its local resident the puffin, while the hiking here makes it a favourite destination for avid adventurers of Northern Europe. Vágar too is a hiking-mecca and also plays home to the Faroes’ international airport. Full of staggering mountain lakes and pleasant bays, Vágar is glowing in natural beauty.

Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands

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