Length 43.0m
Year 2019

Agora III



Motor Yacht

Renamed "Agora III", the new ISA 43-metre Alloy will be the largest private yacht in Japan.

ISA 43-metre Alloy is the first semi-displacement unit of the new aluminum line to widen the selection of proposals by the ISA Yachts brand (which includes: the Classic, Gran Turismo, Sport and Super Sport models) while maintaining the characteristic elements distinguishing the 33 models delivered by the shipyard to date. Interiors and exteriors have been skilfully designed by Luca Dini.

The design of the new ISA Yachts 43-metre with aluminum hull and superstructure stems from the stylistic search for clean, essential and streamlined external lines to enhance the sporty and at the same time elegant character of this yacht, combining past with present, innovation with tradition, in a sort of modern classicism. The naval architecture is by Francesco Rogantin, while the interior and exterior design is by Luca Dini.
This project blends a modern concept with the ISA Yachts family style also characterized by the large side arches connecting the cockpit to the superstructure and integrating the air intakes so to recall the look of some famous sports cars.

Its predominant details, all inspired by automotive stylistic elements, are:

• the wheelhouse side exits with gull-wing doors,
• the skylights integrated into the roof of the master cabin on the forward main deck,
• the roof and roll-bar mouldings,
• the ventilation grilles and the three external side slits,
• the black tinted glass surfaces integrated into continuous bands and flowing as in the best tradition of Italian yacht design.