Length 33.0m
Year 1999

Foftein II



Sail Yacht

The yacht's owner has a passion for diving and filming marine life, particularly whales. The specific requirement: Foftein was to be a 'whale friendly vessel'.

In 1989 we delivered the first Foftein, a thoroughly seaworthy 25,6 metre ketch with a clipper-bow and elliptical stern. The newest Foftein had to be a working boat as well as a luxury cruising yacht.

The not quite literal translation for Foftein is "break time". And so it is that Foftein provides her owner and family a welcome break from the rigors of business and personal life. An experienced offshore yachtsman and a passionate whale and marine life conservationist, Foftein's owner required an interior to also accommodate a photographic workshop for film developing and underwater camera storage.
Complete in every detail and exquisitely appointed in paneled cherry wood with granite counter tops, Foftein's interior will no doubt also provide a "break time" from the countless days adrift or under sail in pursuit of the illustrious 'great' whale.
Her entire conception, in fact, is based upon the owners desire for comfort, safety and democratic sociability at sea.

After delivery in July 1999 her maiden voyage went to the beautiful Norwegian Fjords and the pack ice of Spitsbergen, subsequently left for the Red Sea followed by an extended world cruise.