Length 42m
Year 2009




Motor Yacht

Condor is a 42m (137.80ft) Tecnomar 41m motor yacht built in 2009 by Tecnomar in Viareggio (Italy). The yacht's interior has been designed by Bobotis Yacht Design and has exterior styling by Tecnomar.

The design started in July 2007 and the shipyard works commenced in October 2007.

The main criteria of the design were selected in order to serve functionality and the aesthetic framework of the owners.
The yacht that was designed, internally and externally utilizes timeless materials integrated in its form.
Externally, the design was based on a general plan by the shipyard, on which individual and significant interventions were made.

Its internal layout was studied again from the beginning.
The main selections and parameters that determined the project's outcome were:
• Convenience and recognizability of movements.
• Creation of "clean" spaces and volumes
• Use of timeless materials
• Creation of controlled lighting to minimize lighting fixtures, and ensure changes in ambience.
• Ensuring comfortable living conditions in all spaces through the selection of materials, textures, colors and lighting.
• Inclusion of art in all spaces. Paintings in particular are parts of the interior separators and were made especially for these spaces and positions by various important Greek artists.

The entire design was realized (for the interior and the exterior) on a detailed 3D scale model, allowing the ship-owners to see the final result from the beginning, with no deviations in the geometry and aesthetics of the spaces.
Based on the digital files of the model (General designs and Detailed design) the project was monitored and realized by BOBOTIS YACHT DESIGN at the shipyard.