Length 47.4m
Year 1998




Sail Yacht

"The Titan Hyperion, we are told, fathered Helios, Selene and Eos, gods of the sun, moon and dawn respectively. The Yacht 'Hyperion' has engendered an advance in the science and art and craft of shipbuilding. The yachting cosmos is richer for it." (Boat International USA)

Indeed it can be said that Hyperion's 'milestones' include her carbon fiber mast at 59 m length, exerting some 200 compressive tons at its base, or her computer, powered with some 500 billion bytes. Consider 59 km of wiring and 13,000 square feet of sail area, or a temperature controlled wine rack for some 200 bottles, and it is with great pride that Royal Huisman Shipyard received the prestigious Showboats International Award for the best sailing yacht over 38 m.

"Probably the only shipyard in the world that could put together such a complex and diverse set of engineering disciplines". "And to think all this is encaded in rich golden mahogany hand inlaid with intricate marquetry, a gentle reminder - the more you look the more you see."

Powered by a 1,100 hp MTU diesel engine driving a LIPS variable pitch propeller, Hyperion's 9.56m beam and 4.8m draft (7.3m - carbon centerboard down) can easily be driven through the water at 16 knots, and during her maiden transatlantic voyage she managed a sailing speed of 19 knots.