Length 50.0m
Year 2011




Motor Yacht

M/Y Liberty - A unique yacht in the world. Usually a 50 meter yacht is envisioned as a floating house, a series of spaces enabling to carry on domestic life on water instead of on earth. The Liberty, instead, makes the water element its purpose of being and the sea its inspiration.

Liberty generates from the stable ISA-ANDREA VALLICELLI teamwork, but is also the debut of Maria Stefania Biondo dalla Casapiccola into shipbuilding. And perhaps it was the freshness of the interior designer to ensure that this motor yacht is unique in terms of lines, materials, combinations of colours and design choices.

From the exterior, the yacht presents a streamlined structure in a shade of grey that evokes both elegance and technology. The dark hull is topped with a sleek white superstructure, the lines of which confer an impression of speed even when the ship is not moving. Large outdoor areas are designed for relaxation, starting from the sundeck at the bow, featuring a semicircular bar covered with wood and slate materials never used before in this function.

On each deck shows the designer has come up with flexible and dynamic solutions that enable to transform spaces accordingly for relax, entertainment or lunch: coffee tables turn into dining tables, and lounge chairs into comfortable sunbeds. The exterior colour palette combines three neutral colours- gray, teak and white – with a single decorative colour, red coral, element of conjunction between man made material and the marine world. The choice is not random but is related to the “leitmotif” of the ship’s interior design.

Each living space of the Liberty has been built around a hero, a protagonist of the fauna or flora of the sea world. This is how the tortoise, the seahorse, the shark, the nautili, the shrimp, the sea star and the coral come to life. This is the name of the environments in which the owners and their friends live in symbiosis with the sea.