Length 39.9m
Year 2003

Maria Cattiva



Sail Yacht

Once, the Huisman series of advertisements carried the headline 'another typical Huisman yacht'. This play on words, because a typical Huisman yacht doesn't exist, is characterized in the look and feel of Maria Cattiva. Typical for Huisman was the fact that this 40m Bruce King designed cutter rigged sloop was not typical at all!

"Maria Cattiva", a cutter rigged sloop with a length of 40 metres, was designed by Bruce King and built by the Royal Huisman Shipyard in Holland. Built under full Lloyds/MCA classification Bruce King was challenged to design a world wide cruising yacht of stately good looks.

Having a deck layout arranged around two deckhouses with adjoining cockpits, Bruce King has stylized this design with his signature of oval shaping for structures combined with an intricate array of spectacular details. And although built of lightweight Alustar aluminum the look is of traditional wooden construction. The deckhouse sides, cockpit coamings, hatches and all other general deck joinery is in high gloss varnished teak providing a level of elegance not attainable any other way. And as if this elegance was not enough, King has elected to use a high aspect carbon fiber mast with a fully battened slab reefing mainsail to undoubtedly optimize her performance right on down to the lowest of wind strengths.

The equally intricate interior design and styling has been accomplished by Rhoades Young. Her sleek and classically elegant hull form meant that a carefully arranged interior layout was required. Whilst not over powering, Maria Cattiva is oriented toward cosy family comfort. Using "cosiness" as a design detail, Dick Young Design has given a hand made feel to the deeply stained paneled interior which invites the hand to rub and feel, and take in the pleasures that only wood can provide the senses. This beautifully classic cabinetry work in dark mahogany with painted and fielded panels has been a total joy for the Royal Huisman carpenters whom are very proud of this craftsmanlike Huisman accomplishment.