Length 35.0m
Year 2015




Motor Yacht

Aggressive deck and hull lines, speed, important sail area, relatively light displacement (88 tons!): ready for racing.

Elegant, comfortable while at anchor as well as while sailing, simple, well-trimmed in her style, provided with every comfort: for high-class cruises.

These are the two souls of the new 115’ sailing yacht project by Nauta Design and by Judel-Vroljik. Though conflicting at a first sight, they’ve been finally turned into an exquisite marriage.

This 35 mt. L.O.A. sloop, in built at Baltic Yachts in Finland, the worldwide renowned Shipyard specialized in hi-tech constructions, comes out as the fruit of a successful meeting between a highly experienced regattas-winner very demanding client, the Italian designers and German naval architects, whose experiences are well proven by many stunning projects.

Since the first briefing the challenge was extremely interesting for Nauta, binding with some ‘key’ demands concerning performances, elegance, comfort.

A work of fine tuning which engaged Nauta Design for general concept, exterior styling and interior design, and Judel-Vroljik, for the Naval Architecture. The two studios have already fruitfully worked in synergy on a 116’ blue-water cruising yacht currently under construction at Baltic too.

The client’s request to race successfully in several regattas will be accomplished thanks to a very high performance hull, which is the result of a thorough CFD study, in addition the use of pre-preg carbon sandwich, a powerful sailplan and remarkable stability - achieved through the 5.85 mt. draft of the keel (3.65 mt. with the keel completely lifted).

At the same time the yacht offers the most exigent guests some interior elements which are normally the characteristics of yachts in a higher L.O.A. range: the saloon, extremely bright despite the flush-deck roof thanks to the wide top and side windows, a “professional” bar area, an extremely comfortable chill-out/tv area, four spacious guest cabins, with a large and elegant Owner’s cabin, three comfortable cabins for crew including the Captain’s double cabin, the functional and spacious galley.

On the exteriors the pure racers will be happy to find race oriented hardware and systems as in example the transversal hydraulically controlled jib sheeting which allows not only fore and aft but also inboard/outboard jib trimming.

At the same time the Owner family and friends will enjoy the huge sunbed areas and luxury comfort features such as the opening transom, which is designed to be the “grand entrance” for guests as they are welcomed on board, and a relaxing area equipped with fridge and showers.

The interiors features low weight furniture with composite panels covered with thin veneer. The styling is simple, essential and intriguing, with a smooth chromatic balance and a deep feeling of calm transmitted to the guests through the gentle combination of oak wood and light coloured linen panels.

Baltic Yachts have entrusted worldwide known Van Cappellen for a major study in order to minimize noise levels on board, that resulted in a masterfully conceived acoustic insulation.

The depth of knowledge and experience of Nigel Ingram from MCM, acting as the Owner’s Project Manager, is a further important contribution to the team.

This is the third Nauta project built by Baltic Yachts, and now the studio is ready to face the future with many stunning designs in their records, full of motivations and new ideas already in progress.