Length 50.0m
Year 2019




Motor Yacht

Race is a 2019 launch from Riva Yachts, heading up the new Superyachts Division.

Race is the first of Riva's new Superyachts Division, featuring the classic Riva / Officina Italiana exterior design adapted to a superyacht scale. 

Carlo Riva's intention of adapting Riva to superyachts was to follow the long tradition of building high performance yachts of great design and beauty. It should also be economical, because by going slowly, you consume less and go further. The Superyachts Division will also be available in 60M, 70M and 90M. 

Her light alloy pannelling and stainless steel was designed by a 3D mould, a first for Riva and highly complex feat of design and technology. Her deck Jacuzzi has been perfectly positioned to give a clear view of the horizon, and her on-board music and entertainment systems can be easily controlled by the owner's iPad or iPhone. 

The dream of building light-alloy displacement yachts with completely customizable interiors is borne of the drive and innovation of Carlo Riva's 60s and 70s vision for the brand, thrust into the modern day under the Ferretti Group vision.