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Length 50m
Year 2015

Star Fish



Motor Yacht

StarFish, which will be built based on the same Greg Marshall-designed hull plans as her sister ship, is expected to launch in early 2012.

A variation of the Aquos Yachts concept for serious - but still luxurious - ocean-going yachts, she will use her extended length to provide additional load-carrying capacity, such as a seaplane or a submarine, and to provide an additional, sixth, stateroom.

Built at McMullen & Wing in Auckland, NZ, StarFish will benefit both from the renown quality of the award-winning shipyard, as well as from the low cost of the Kiwi dollar versus Euros and US currency. "We believe we offer the best of both worlds," said, David Porter, who with his brother Terry own and run McMullen & Wing. "We offer the experience and quality of the best European and North American yacht builders at a fraction of their cost."