Florida Luxury Yachting Guide

Home to innumerable attractions, both glitzy and unusual, the state of Florida is an incredible destination of both the wacky and the wonderful. It’s collection of boisterous cities, glittering beaches and incredible landscapes that remain on the mind indelibly. Whether you come for the natural or unnatural attractions, you’ll stay for the beauty.

The state of Florida is a large peninsula in the south eastern section of the United States, and has been nicknamed the ‘Sunshine State’ due to its nearly constant sultry heat and brilliant sunshine. Considered subtropical in many regions of the state, the most southern portion of Florida is truly tropical and a fantastic holiday destination.

A popular winter destination with sun-starved Northerners for over a century, Florida has gained popularity in the passing years with its collection of chic cities, spectacular attractions and glorious temperatures. Known around the world for its glitzy attractions and raucous beach communities, the true Florida is a gem that should be thoroughly explored with an open mind and a relaxed pace.

The most southern state in the US, besides Hawaii, Florida is a mix of cultures: the northern section of the state retains a strong tie to its southern surroundings while the further south you travel within the state the more you will notice a strong blend of American and Latin American cultures.

Families will enjoy the slew of kid-orientated attractions such as Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios in Orlando and Busch Gardens in Tampa.

Naturalists will want to explore the Everglades, a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site that is exceptionally beautiful. Home to wide variety of indigenous species, the Everglades protect the American crocodile, Florida panther and West Indian manatee and forbid the collecting of plants and animals, with the exception of sea shells.

Once described as a sweaty wonderland, Miami is a city where beautiful beaches meet with beautiful bodies, both equally on display. Notorious for being a luminous metropolis of wealth and sex, Miami is an incredible mixture of the magnificence of American capitalism and the vital and vibrant flair of Latin cultures. Premier restaurants, exclusive nightclubs and exquisite boutiques line the concrete and neon-lined boulevards where the sounds of the sea are never too far way.

Entry Points
The main entry points into Florida are Orlando, Miami, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airports while the largest port are in Port Canaveral, Tampa, Miami, Pinellas County as well as an array of areas throughout South Florida.



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