French Polynesia Luxury Yachting Itineraries

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  • 10 days
    Tahiti to Fiji

    With so many different island groups spread across the one majestic sea, finding a route that encompasses all the delights of the South Pacific is a blissfully difficult mission. From the chic beachfront of Tahiti to the captivating culture of the Cook Islands, sailing the islands of the South Pacific is a voyage of many scenes and sights. You are bound to find spectacular diving, fine cuisine and stunning natural scenes on each island; each infused with its own lifestyle and traditions to ensure no two are quite the same. Read Full Itinerary

  • 9 days
    French Polynesia to French Polynesia

    Exploring all the delights of the French Polynesian Islands would take a lifetime with all the stunning beaches, luscious forests and underwater gardens that spread across the five island groups. Instead, this nine day itinerary encompasses some of the highlights of this awe-inspiring region with everything from luxury to seclusion to offer those discerning travellers lucky enough to voyage to its shores.  Read Full Itinerary

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French Polynesia

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