Hong Kong Luxury Yachting Guide

The ultimate in Chinois-chic, Hong Kong is a contemporary blend of East and West that leaves an unmistakably international imprint on this multi-layered metropolis. Beneath its ultramodern horizon of skyscrapers, Hong Kong hides a dramatic theatre of ancient Chinese culture that adds spice and flavour to this dramatic urban environment.

In a city where early morning tai-chi goes hand in hand with late-night revelry, there is no surprise this super-city is becoming a must see spot on any Asian itinerary. Apart from its fabulous national cuisine and first-class service, Hong Kong’s glossy malls and sprawling markets make it Asia’s premier shopping destination.

Hong Kong Island
On Hong Kong Island you will find a blend of interesting regions, each with their own distinct personalities well worth exploring. Central is the city’s sleek business district that attracts a glossy clientele to its ever-evolving bars where designer cocktails are the norm. With a thriving restaurant scene helped along by the world-class establishments of Gagnaire, Robuchon, and Nobu, discerning travellers to Hong Kong will not be devoid of an indulgent slice of the high-life here. Some of the finest shopping and five-star hotels can be found in classy Causeway Bay, while the booming nightlife quarter of Soho and the truly spectacular views from Victoria Peak are also not to be missed.

On Hong Kong Island’s southeast is the glamorous Repulse Bay and the pretty beachside village of Stanley, home to some of the territory’s best markets and lovely waterfront strips housing intimate cafes and open-air restaurants. This once sleepy fishing village makes for a pleasant escape from the bustling heat of the city and is the perfect place to find smooth silks, brightly coloured jewellery and casual beach wear.

Victoria Harbour
Perhaps the finest site in all of Hong Kong is the famous Victoria Harbour where a colourful jumble of pleasure boats, junk ships and sampans all jostle for space on the glittering expanse of water backed by one of the most scenic cityscapes imaginable. These futuristic superstructures that reach sky high in gravity-defying designs are part of the nightly Symphony of Lights show, when Hong Kong’s urban jungle becomes a dazzling pageant of sparkling lights.

Across the harbour lies the cultural tapestry of Kowloon where Hong Kong’s more authentic side shines through. Tsim Sha Tsui is a mixture of chaotic markets, luxury hotels and happening nightspots whose bright lights and bustling streets never seem to fade. For an escape from the rush of the city, the calmer outlying islands provide the perfect respite.

Outer Islands
Yachting provides one of the best ways to admire this modern legacy in all its glory. A truly remarkable yachting voyage can be traced from the wonder of the harbour, past the spectacular Tsing Ma Bridge and out to the peaceful outlying islands and country parks. Visit Cheung Chau Island for a glimpse of a traditional fishing community, while Lantau Island justifies an entire day spent enjoying its challenging mountain walks, warm beaches and awe-inspiring giant Buddha perched high on a plateau. Lamma Island is perfect for a sumptuous seafood feast, while Sai Kung simply blooms with natural beauty with some of the region’s finest gardens and beaches.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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