India Luxury Yachting Guide

It would be hard to find a worldly place as intoxicatingly diverse and rich in unforgettable experiences as the legendary country of India. Built around an ancient spiritual framework, every visit to this timeless land challenges the imagination with a dizzying array of history, tradition and exquisite sites.

Old and new sit shoulder to shoulder in this colourful country, where sophisticated bars and beachfront day spas share space with traditional eateries and charismatic market squares. The intriguing west coast is a favoured yachting destination, where the coastline of the Arabian Sea is riddled with unique anchorage points and cities unlike any other on the metropolitan map.

With an enjoyable year round climate and a tempting showcase of sun, sand and sea blessed with distinctive Indian flair, there is no wonder this stretch of the world is nothing short of an adventure.

The central west coast is home to a spectacular natural harbour and brilliantly sheltered bay that is the sprawling city of Mumbai (Bombay). This industrial city sits on its own bustling island, joined to the mainland by a series of bridges stretching across the Arabian Sea.

The Victorian cityscape that dominates Mumbai’s sultry skies is more 19th-century England than modern-day India, although the humming street life is a jumble of spicy bazaars that is undeniably Indian. Possessing a heart rich in art galleries, museums and amusement parks, Mumbai blends a cultural core with a dazzling and hectic nightlife that carries through until dawn.

Sailing south of Mumbai brings the ever-enchanting beach paradise of Goa. Relaxed, welcoming, and somewhat bohemian, this tranquil spot on the east coast is best known for its fantastic feasts and festivals, as well as its truly picturesque scenery.

This is the place to head on India’s mainland for lengthy stretches of golden sand, sleepy villages perfect for exploration and rolling rice fields you’ll find nowhere else. Fill the balmy days with watersports, fishing and snorkelling or enjoying a slice of the fabulous local cuisine.

The stunning Konkan coast that connects these two desirous destinations is in itself an inspiring cruising ground, studded with ancient forts dating as far back as the 14th century.

Also on the west is Mangalore, a busy port town that overflows with maritime charm and stands as the perfect point of call on the way to Kerala. With its narrow-maze-like streets fringed with coconut palms, pretty churches and lovely beaches, Mangalore is a wonderful place to discover the India of old.

Kerala offers some of the most interesting backwater cruising, encompassing the intriguing town of Alappuzha (Alleppey) with its famous Nehru Trophy Boat Race.

Cochin (Kochi) is one of India’s most vibrant and vivacious cities, located in a perfect spot on the southwest coast. This visually charming city has seen a diverse past of Middle East, Chinese and European influence, easily evident in Cochin’s steep-roofed bungalows, colonial buildings, colourful spice and antique stores and elaborate cathedrals and palaces.

Lakshadweep Islands
Off the coast lie the 36 floating atolls and reefs that make up the remarkable Lakshadweep Islands. So exclusive are they that only the water sports favourite of Bangaram is open to foreigners. An ideal place for snorkelling, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, swimming, windsurfing and parasailing, Bangaram is also home to a dizzying array of fascinating marine life.



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