Ireland Luxury Yachting Guide

More than a mystical country of Guinness, gentle hills and pots of gold, Ireland is a rich tapestry of history, scenery and spirited people. With a spectacular coastline of almost 5000 kilometres, the southern coast is undoubtedly the fairest cruising ground.

Remarkably untouched, it is a perfect stretch of tiny harbours, secluded bays, rocky inlets and remote islands.Ireland is one of the more challenging yachting destinations, home to sometimes difficult open sea passages and refreshingly cool weather. Surrounded by awe-inspiring cliffs, jutting headlands, and quiet beaches, the scenery of this inspiring country is only enhanced by its dainty seaside towns and brightly-lit cities.

Perhaps the most stunning site is the stretch between Cork and Dingle, where about 140 picture-perfect anchorage spots are scattered amongst hidden coves and velvet sands. Spots such as Bantry Bay, Spanish Cove and Oysterhaven Harbour capture the romance and history of this enigmatic isle, while the more exposed west is a wild collection of uninhabited islands and rugged shorelines, A combination of short sea passages and wide, protected sailing areas, the cruising grounds of southern Ireland provide a yachting experience unlike any other.

The charming Cork is like the Ireland of old; a compact, colourful town surrounded by immense scenes of rolling green. As the birthplace of the world’s oldest yachting club, Cork holds a premier regatta every second year, as well as hosting a popular yearly deep sea angling festival. Further south is the wonderful fishing village of Kinsale, widely considered to have one of the prettiest harbours in Europe.

In the south west, Kerry’s sociable town of Dingle is a hotchpotch of seafood restaurants, traditional pubs and live music venues where everything from diving to golf awaits sea-weary travellers. This entire area is famous for its fine cuisine, lively entertainment and fantastic natural scenery, as well as the yachting landmark of Fastnet Rock.

The multicultural capital of Dublin is the major draw of the Republic’s northeast coast, enticing yachtsmen not only with its cosmopolitan centre, but with its charismatic bay and wonderful views. Home to some highly prestigious golf courses, brilliant horse riding and hiking trails amongst the verdant mountains and a thriving night-life scene, Dublin is both exquisitely luxurious and bustlingly bright. More than a few days can be spent wandering the cobblestone streets, discovering the trendy shopping strips and fine restaurants or relaxing in one of the many fashionable and heart-warmingly Irish pubs.



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