Ischia Luxury Yachting Guide

Amongst the yachting hotspots of the Italian West Coast lies the volcanic island of Ischia, one of Europe’s most renowned spa centres. Blessed with a host of thermal springs that offer nature’s most luxurious indulgence and paired with soft sandy beaches and the bluest of blue seas, it will come as no surprise that Ischia is an Italian holiday favourite.

Ischia occupies a shimmering expanse at the northern end of the Bay of Naples in Italy’s romantic region of Campania. Often coined the Green Island due to her sloping woods of chestnut and pine running down the tremendous site of Mount Epomeo, Ischia greets her visitors with a rainbow of colours from verdant gardens and pastel-tinted towns to tumbling fields and grape-filled vineyards.

If there is one reason discerning travellers seek the shores of Ischia it is for the seemingly miracle-inducing hot springs which dominate its tiny spot in the Mediterranean Sea. These natural pools are believed to regenerate body and mind as well as bring silky hair, smooth skin, and toned muscles to those lucky enough to take a dip in the thermal gardens.

Ischia town
Ischia is the main town on the island, situated on the north-east coast and offering the two distinct settlements of Ischia Ponte and Ischia Porto. Ischia Porto is home to the island’s main port and thus hums with a lively atmosphere that saturates the many bars and restaurants alongside the harbour both day and night. The port makes an excellent base for those looking to explore the area for the beaches and bays of Ischia itself and the picturesque nearby islands such as Procida.

Ischia Ponte is only a short trip away and welcomes visitors to its charming seaside town with the attractive sight of Castello Aragonese (Aragon Castle) looming in the background. Relaxed and sociable, this friendly town is a mixture of boho-beach shops, laid-back restaurants, sun-kissed beaches and a tempting variety of sweet parlours selling fantastic Italian ice cream and pastries.

On the island’s western coastline is the popular resort town of Forio; a 1950s glamour-spot that now attracts eager travellers with its bountiful beaches, pleasant medieval-style streets, and first-class spas.

The northern coast of Ischia brings the town of Casamicciola, or Casamicciola Terme, which is one of the island’s best spots for enjoying the benefits of the thermal springs. A modern marina makes this a popular port of call for luxury yachts, not to mention the proximity to Monte Epomeo which grants energetic travellers amazing panoramic views when they reach the top.



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