Istanbul Luxury Yachting Guide

Cradled between the gleaming Bosphorus and an ancient estuary known as the Golden Horn, Istanbul is a sprawling metropolis with one foot firmly planted in its illustrious past. Home to the treasures of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires, the traditions of decadence once exercised behind closed doors are now flamboyantly displayed on every gilded street.

With indulgence on continual display, this city of minarets and ancient palaces is a destination of noble heritage and rich excess. Home to some of the world’s most distinctive wonders, Istanbul is a patchwork of the past and present run through with a vivid vein of sumptuous lifestyles.

Many of Istanbul’s wealth of glorious edifices are within walking distance of each other. Topkapi Palace, a breathtaking den of decadence where sultans and their sprawling harems indulged in every lavish act known to man, is located a short stroll away from the Blue Mosque. With its flying minarets and exquisite stonework, this is one of the cities main landmarks and not to be missed, though conservative attire is required for entrance. The Hagia Sophia, located just across from the Blue Mosque, is another landmark that musn’t be missed: part cathedral, part mosque and now a museum, it is one of the most architecturally superior buildings dating from ancient times.

Shopping and Markets
Though the Grand Bazaar is a necessary stop for all first-timers, the raucous, rowdy atmosphere is not ideal for those looking to shop unmolested. The Horhor Bit Pazari is is an excellent alternative: this seven-floor indoor market boasts every possible amenity and more.

For a more plush experience, the Nisantasi district is one of the premier locations for exclusive shopping, and is full of art galleries and exclusive nightclubs. The Bagdat Caddesi is a one-way street that is home to boutiques boasting high-end labels which fashion-forward Istanbul keeps itself constantly abreast of.

For a funky, SoHo-style experience, try the Beyoglu area which is a warren of steep narrow streets bursting with vintage and retro shops. A pedestrian solution is the Istiklal Caddesi, also within the Beyoglu area, which is Turkey’s answer to Oxford Street or Fifth Avenue, especially on rambunctious Saturday nights.

Turkish cuisine enjoys a noble heritage, and the gastronomic experience of dining in Istanbul can be an illuminating one. Home to a budding scene of innovative fish restaurants, as well as diverse selection of establishments offering an exquisite fusion menu of Asian, Armenian and Mediterranean, culinary inspiration lies thick on the ground.



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