Italian Riviera Luxury Yachting Guide

Once the inspiration for some of Italy’s greatest artists,the landscape of the Riviera is itself a vision to behold, its sheltered beaches and soaring cliffs offering lucky travelers scenes of astounding natural beauty.

Acting as a gateway to some of the country’s most unforgettable terrain, the Italian Riviera offers visitors an exhaustive array of exceptional coastal walking paths, winding past chic fishing villages and following tumbling cliffs down to the sea. A seductive mix of Mediterranean culture, traditional charm, and modern luxury makes cruising the Italian Riviera one of the greatest adventures in Italy.

Although sharing the same penchant for golden beaches, sumptuous cuisine and designer boutiques as its French neighbour, the Italian Riviera offers visitors a more animated and laid-back atmosphere, enriched with a distinctly Italian flavour. Stretching roughly from the French-Italian border to the port of Lerici in Liguria, the Italian Riviera arcs like a rainbow across the Mediterranean coastline.

Consisting of two main areas, the rugged Riviera di Levante and the more down-to-earth Riviera di Ponente, the region boasts some of the most spectacular scenery Italy has to offer. The Riviera is characterized by brightly coloured cliff-top villages framed by the strikingly azure sea on one side, and the Maritime Alps and the Ligurian Apennines standing protectively on the other. Splitting the majestic Riviera in two is the seafaring capital of Genoa, a bustling port city welcoming visitors to explore the treasures of its maze-like streets.

Riviera di Ponente
Curving west from Genoa to the French border is the Riviera di Ponente, which offers beach-goers the longest stretches of golden sands to enjoy. This unassuming region hosts a treasure trove of enchanting, little-explored villages perched amongst the cliffs, but also lays claim to the famously fashionable resort town of San Remo.

San Remo
With all the style of a classic Italian seaside resort, the villa-lined waterfront offers visitors opulent shopping and dining experiences, while high-rollers are more than catered for by the elegant casino that lies at the heart of the city. Cruising further east will bring you to a beach-lovers heaven, where the town of Alassio on the Riviera delle Palme lures visitors with its powder-fine sands.

Riviera Di Levante
Southeast of Genoa lies the Riviera Di Levante, home to the most elite of Italian resort towns, with Santa Margherita and Portofino in particular winning the hearts of those lucky enough to cross their shores. In a region where exclusivity and luxury are a way of life, sailing this stretch of the Riviera will not disappoint if secret escapes and indulgent pampering are top of your holiday list.

Finale Ligure
Finale Ligure offers the perfect base to dock and indulge in some true adventure activities. Sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving offer excellent day escapes from the cabin, while a few kilometres inland, the cool mountains offer excellent hiking, biking and horse riding challenges.

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Italian Riviera

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