Italian West Coast Luxury Yachting Guide

Beckoning invitingly to the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Italian West Coast's volcanic headland lures discerning travellers towards its sun-sparkled sea, simply glistening with possibilities. A fascinating area of historical wealth and natural beauty, the west is Italy at its most imposing.

Amalfi Coast
Just to the south of Naples, the Amalfi Coast with its postcard-perfect promontory attracts landscape-hungry artists, glamour-hungry film stars and spaghetti-hungry gourmets from around the world. The serpentine coast road weaves around and tunnels through the mountains, never losing sight of the sea. It’s a route made for Ferrari and Maserati summer drives with the warm salty breeze in your hair, or for cliff-top hikes and hidden-beach picnics.

For many visitors, the point of staying in Capri is strutting around the Piazzetta, buying designer Italian fashions and partying until dawn. For others, especially if they head north, it's all about hidden coves, mountain hikes and drinking in the sea views.

Colourful and vibrant Naples (Napoli) has had a mixed reputation for centuries. Some people will warn you about this unsavoury port town where others accentuate the cheerfulness and fascinating city. Even the sumptuous villas that clamber up the vertiginous mountainsides in pastel ranks of peach, pink and primrose seem to be jostling to get the perfect view of the Bay of Naples and the brooding volcano of Vesuvius. With an elegant palazzo or piazza at every turn, the town bewitches all comers.

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