Japan Luxury Yachting Guide

Rolling emerald hills shrouded in mist, chic modern cities pulsing with life and kimono-clad figures beneath avenues of cherry trees in full bloom – which is the true Japan? All of it: the wonderland that is Japan seems never-ending in its display of incredible opportunities and adventure, making it the perfect destination for the traveller who wants it all.

For every visitor to this delightful region, there are a myriad of choices in regards to what are the must-see places in Japan. Below is a tasting menu of what this incredible archipelago has to offer, from big cities to samurai villages. For those intrepid travellers who fly to the ambrosial shores of this thrilling archipelago, there is another benefit to visiting; the gracious hospitality of the Japanese themselves.

The city of Tokyo is a densely packed, bustling megalopolis that has blended the traditions of ancient Japan with the seemingly insatiable desire of the Japanese people for the new. Temples are nestled deep within the Flash Gordon-style skyline, and visitors to the area could see streets filled by men in traditional loincloths for a Shinto religious festival one day and robots duelling in the robot sport tournament the next: it has been written of this city that ‘tradition is feted along with innovation’.

Kyoto is the vault in which the traditions of Japan is kept: home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 1600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shintō shrines, Kyoto is considered one of the world’s most culturally rich city. Home of kabuki, a stylized dance-melodrama known as ō, raked pebble gardens and the gracious tea ceremony, Kyoto is full of beautiful illustrations of the creativity of the human spirit.

Though it is synonymous with cruel disaster, the city of Hiroshima has picked itself up since the horrifying action of August 6th 1945 to become a dynamic city with a modern edge. This thriving and internationally minded community has a rich history dating from 1589 and continues to survive and blossom, no matter what setback may befall them.

Other must-see destinations within Japans lovely scope are the coral reefs of Okinawa, the ski slopes of Niseko and the shrines and temples of the tranquil woodland area of Nikkō. The tropical jungles and pristine dive sites of Iriomote-Jima are glorious to behold while the rustic mountain town of Takayama is packed with ancient traditions and delicious, eclectic cuisine. For something off the beaten path, take a visit to the ancient cedar grove and seaside hot springs of Yakushima or experience the thrill of a samurai village filled with 1300-year old stone Buddhas in Usuki.



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