Kalkan Luxury Yachting Guide

Draped with vibrant swags of bougainvillea, the rural elegance of Kalkan is breathtaking: winding cobbled streets, vivid boutique façades, and wraparound views of the glittering sea make this a destination of pure beauty. Charming pebble beaches skirt the gentle turquoise waves in this indulgent bastion of pleasure and luxury.

A stunning fishing port with both Greek and Turkish heritage, Kalkan is a thriving Mediterranean harbour, attracting indulgent connoisseurs of all ages to its dulcet shores. Strict conservation laws have allowed the most venerable area of the village to retain its authentic ambience of old-world charm, while still offering a high-standard of cosmopolitan amenities. With a mass of ancient sites close by, the wealth of Kalkan’s history is on opulent display at all times, though this bountiful area offers much more to the discerning traveller than mere pages from a history book.

The luxuriant fishing village of Kalkan has somehow found a way to retain the charisma of its ancient heart while it gained a gilded edge of chic sophistication, making it a true gem of the Mediterranean rewarding intrepid travellers with the treasure of its serene beauty.

This gorgeous coastal town is blessed with an abundance of charming pebble beaches and glorious stretches of pristine sand, of which Patara Beach reigns supreme. Regularly featured as one of the most beautiful, and undiscovered, beaches in the whole of the Mediterranean, this 18 kilometre sweep of dazzling golden sand is populated by few people and one building, a diminutive café.

This peaceful haven should not be missed, so too should the dramatic splendour of Kaputaş Beach not be omitted from any travel itinerary. Located at the bottom of a steep set of natural stairs, the gleaming sands and crystalline water here provide the perfect backdrop for basking in paradise. Life in Kalkan does not exist on beach alone: it enjoys a lively atmosphere both day and night.

Though it is a petite enclave, the standard of dining in Kalkan is a refreshing surprise. Very little, if any, hassling takes place on the streets, and the restaurants themselves are owned by a colourful mix of locals and Turks from Istanbul and offering a wide variation of traditional Mediterranean cuisine. With a vibrant bar scene and a wealth of plush night time sanctuaries, life in sedate Kalkan definitely heats up as the sun goes down.



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