Latvia Luxury Yachting Guide

A country in transition from its Soviet past into its modern present, Latvia is vibrant and mesmerizing region of incredible beauty. From the bustle and vitality of Riga to the tranquil serenity of traditional fishing villages, this is a country full of opportunity and adventure against a breathtaking landscape that is a pristine as it is untamed.

Latvia is a tiny nation that has only recently shed its attachment to Russia, leaving it in dire need of rejuvenation and re-birth. After the long Russian winter, Latvia seems to be electrically charged as it struggles to pull itself into the modern world. Peopled by genial, fun-loving people, this land of ancient traditions and sometimes quirky customs is a fresh paradise.

With its crystalline rivers, lovely beaches, emerald rolling hills and deep valleys, Latvia is a perfect paradise. Added to that glorious landscape of natural beauty, the chic elegance of Riga raises the drawcard of Latvia to an even more exquisite level, making this diminutive country a hotspot for discerning travelers who know that a good thing doesn’t last forever.

Riga is not only a World Heritage Site, it is also home to 50% of the Latvian population. With its cobblestone streets and gorgeous art-nouveau architecture, Riga is a fantastic destination for every type of pleasure-seeker. Enjoying a pulsing nightclub scene, the cuisine and shopping opportunities of Riga are just as exciting and diverse enough to indulge any taste.

Karosta, Kuldiga and Cesis
Some of Latvia’s other key cities are Karosta, an intriguing destination that was once a secret military town, the gracious rural village of Kuldiga that is home Europe’s widest waterfall and Cesis with its majestic medieval ruins. Intrepid travelers in this picturesque and incredibly pristine region are rewarded by sites of dazzling beauty: medieval towns, ruined fortresses, expansive coastlines backed by lush pine forest, verdant rolling hills and much more.

Situated on the Baltic Sea, Latvia enjoys a thriving maritime reputation. With the major port cities of Riga, Liepaja and Ventspils offering a multitude of boutique marinas and necessary amenities there is more than one luxurious option for sailing enthusiasts to anchor within.

Once outside these bustling ports, there is 500 kilometres of rugged coastline dotted with rustic fishing villages and secluded beaches of the purest white sands. Dunes and unusual rock formations are intrinsic to the landscape, and many are home to exquisite eco-systems whose rare species are heavily protected.

Parts of the Latvian coastline have been declared a biosphere reserve and a great way for naturalists to become acquainted with the delicate nature of these habitats is to have a guide lead you through in a way that does not impact the environment.

Latvia Area Information

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