Leeward Islands Luxury Yachting Guide

The beauty of the Leeward Islands is legendary. Every island in this exotic chain enchants visitors with its unbelievable turquoise waters, sparkling sands and gentle waves, washing away the real world with every minute spent on these magical oases. Far from ordinary, most of the Leeward Islands are volcanic, while some are born from immense coral beds.

Named for the prevailing northerly winds that caress their shores, the Leeward Islands consist of the tropical delights that are Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Martin, Montserrat, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saba and Saint Barthélemy.

An eclectic and enterprising sailing experience, the Leeward Islands allow you for cruising at a luxuriously leisurely pace, choosing various routes and sampling different cultures to satisfy the imagination.

St Barthélemy
Known for attracting the highest concentration of superyachts in the Caribbean, the super chic St Barthélemy is by far the sophistication leader in the Leeward Islands. Best described as a jet-setter’s playground, St Barths offers all the island favourites of sand, sun and sea coupled with a mellower atmosphere than some of its Caribbean neighbours, producing a splendid hideaway where the views are nothing short of spectacular.

Besides its gorgeous beaches, fine dining and designer shopping, St Barths also offers a selection of first class superyacht services. As host to some of the most prestigious events on the world superyacht calendar, St Barths becomes a social hub in May when the St Barth Bucket regatta arrives in town.

The northernmost island of the Leewards, the exquisite Anguilla, offers both privacy and opulence in equal measures, a luxury not afforded by the more populous Caribbean islands. Smaller, and more serene but equally as luxurious as St Barths, the island is attracting a growing jet-set to its tranquil shores. An indication of its rising status, Island Global Yachting is currently constructing a new world-class marina, Yacht Haven Grande Anguilla, on the southern tip of the island.

Attracting a well-heeled crowd with its lavish resorts, first-class sporting events and outstanding sailing, Antigua’s unique geography sets it apart from any other tropical Caribbean island. Truly a beach-lovers heaven, the island has a different beach for every day of the year and the village of the quaint capital St John is a picturesque dream to wander.

Barbuda is the isolated sister of Antigua, just a smooth sandy slip in the ocean that acts as the perfect haven for a myriad of exotic and spectacular wildlife. Sailing across the waters to the secluded pink sand beaches on Barbuda's south-west coast makes the perfect side trip from Antigua.

From Antigua’s south, you can cruise your way to the majestic island of Guadeloupe, a mixture of French chic and Caribbean style. Guadeloupe’s east is a coastal Eden, all sunny beaches, seaside eateries and modern water sports. The west however, has formed its character around the National Park, where challenging hiking trails and heart-stopping dives create a genuinely active lifestyle. South of the mainland lie a number of small archipelagos that portray Guadeloupe’s ancient heart, and make inspiring day cruises.

St Kitts and Nevis
As two of the least developed islands in the Caribbean, St Kitts and Nevis are an extremely appealing double-destination for exploration and discovery. The larger and busier St Kitts is rich in green rainforests and towering mountain ranges, offering excellent chances to view green vervet monkeys during the day and enjoy cool evenings in an elegant bar.

Nevis is the languorous side of this double-nation, where the best thing to do on this small, volcanic island is simply relax. With unspoiled coral reefs rimming the shoreline and endless stretches of palm-lined sandy beaches, it seems Nevis was designed for just this.

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