39 Monte Carlo: A Private Lifestyle Club For Monaco’s Elite

By Paul Joseph

With public awareness around mental health increasing in recent years, the demand for services that aid you both physically and mentally have also grown. And in the often high-pressure world of the business elite, whose working lives place real strain on their well-being, this demand is perhaps more acute than in any other domain.

We sat down with 39 Monte Carlo founder and owner Ross Beattie, a former professional rugby player and Monaco resident, to find out more about the company and his vision for creating a private members' club that nourishes the mind, body and soul.

Superyachts: Can you start by giving us a brief history of Thirty Nine Monte Carlo?

Ross Beattie: I originally had the idea that I wanted to create a place to try and help people avoid the problems and issues I had when I was playing professional sport.

I was a pro rugby player for 14 years, and I spent just over half that time injured. Initially I was looking at ways how I could have avoided those situations. I was also trying to find ways to avoid one of the side effects which is spending a lot of time not knowing what was wrong with me. This was really about the mental problems that occurred because I had nobody to talk to about what was happening to me.

I wanted to create a place where normal people could get the right advice and help so that they could fulfil their potential. A place, where they can be themselves and totally switch off. They don't have to show off. They don't have to feel they have to act a certain way. It’s a place where they can do business in an environment where they can be themselves.

As soon as people are relaxed, they can talk about anything. If you want to do some business and you're in a relaxed environment, you might get the deal done quicker. So my goal was to create a social environment where people can do everything under one roof, but also where they can meet friends and create a community. After that, it expanded into a much bigger concept.

What kind of services does the club provide?

39 is not just a fitness club, the social aspect is stressed and nurtured. The wonderful atmosphere is really down to the staff and the members who are very relaxed which means people can be themselves and switch off. The 39 dining area, where our clients can eat, drink and relax, is where most of the socialising takes place. There is also a lounge/bar area at the top floor of the club and a private study room which can be hired for meetings, events or private dinners.

We also offer a wellness area – Studio39, which includes a spa and hair salon. It is open to both members and non-members, while the rest of the club is private and accessible to members and their guests only.

Are your clientele mainly Monaco residents or are they more often transient visitors to the principality?

Our clients are mainly Monaco residents but we also have clients with a 30-day membership, who live abroad and travel regularly to Monaco.

I understand you also provide on-board services to yachts in and around Monaco – how does this service work exactly?

The 39 onboard services were created to give clients the possibility to enjoy first-class services by the best beauty and personal training professionals of the French Riviera onboard and in their villas, whenever needed. These personalised services guarantee the expertise, confidentiality and costumer car as a client would receive at 39 Monte Carlo.

Our onboard services include individual personal coaching, hair and make-up services by our team of highly experienced stylists and colourists, as well as customised face and body treatments with the innovative Biologique Recherche and its unique methodology.

How does club membership work?

We've got different memberships. With a full membership you get access to everything. All the floors, all the facilities, the 60 free group classes we have, plus discounts in the spa and access to all our brand partnerships. We also have a social membership which just gives you access to the restaurant and dining space, so you can use it for socialising.

It depends on how you want to use it. Some people will just use the gym, some people will just use the bar, and others will use both.  But the main benefit is they can hang around likeminded people, and our brand partners, and talk to them.

We never talk about our clients, either. We've got lots of sporting people who come in, but we will only ever talk about them if they give us permission. For us privacy is very important, so we never disclose who is and isn't a client. They can turn up and sit down, either dressed up or wearing shorts and a tee-shirt and just be themselves.

How do you set yourself apart from other private members’ lifestyle clubs – in what ways do you go the ‘extra mile’ for clients?

What sets Thirty-Nine apart as a club are the people who use it and the staff who service it, as they combine to create a unique atmosphere. I also believe we have the best chef in town, the best marketing people, and the best trainers.

Our gym is the best in Europe, which is why we've got ATP members, F1 drivers and professional cyclists training with us. I know it sounds quite arrogant to say this, but our gym is incredible. Our water supply is something a lot of people don't know about. It is Pure Ionic Water. We take Monaco's water, clean and filter it and then we change the pH level, so that depending on where you are in the club, you have water specifically filtered for you. It’s a hell of lot better for your longevity and health to drink our water than regular tap water.

What does the future hold for Thirty-Nine Monte Carlo – do you plan to expand?

Yes, because for me the club's not finished. I'm a bit of a perfectionist. There are a lot of areas in the club that I want to improve.

The most important thing is that we keep improving this club, grow the membership and make sure everybody's happy before we look at doing something else. Obviously it would be great to produce another club somewhere else, maybe London or New York. There has been talk about it, but at the moment until this is perfect here, there's no point in looking somewhere else.

By Paul Joseph