A Double Diplôme for Champagne De Watère

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

In a world where 80% of consumers seek international approval on their choice of wine, it’s never been more important to inform the public and professionals on the quality of their choice.

Fortunately Catavinum in Spain is home to the greatly anticipated International Wine Guide Awards (IWGA) where a number of world-class wines recently received a medal for their excellence this year.

The team at IWGA are increasingly dedicated to disseminating and guiding those immersed in the wine-culture into the best choice possible and what’s more, with 14 years of experience developing guides and hosting wine competitions, the success of the event and prestige that accompanies an award is held in high regard.

Taking home the gold award at this year’s ceremony were the Premier Cru specialists at Champagne De Watère.

In 2011, the family-owned company released Champagne De Watère to commemorate 925 years of tradition in the region, and since then, the demand for the fine tipple has spread across Europe and as far as the United States of America.

The secret to success for the brand is eco-sensitive production, where tradition prevails, employing horses in the vineyards and sourcing their partners from sustainable backgrounds, which creates quite the romantic perceptual image.

As if an acclamation over award-winning champagne wasn’t enough for the French brand, Champagne De Watère in fact took home the IWGA’s Great Gold certificate, displaying excellence in not one, but two of their products, namely the Curvée Brut Rosé Saignés and the Cuvée Burt Blanc.

Rarely achieved unless one gold model isn’t sufficient appraisal, the Great Gold award provides true recognition at the highest of levels. Going back to their roots and working closely as a family is quite clearly a winning, yet humble, combination.

Signed and now sealed with international approval, the inevitable increasing demand for Champagne De Watère leads us to wonder whether next year the brand might make it a hat-trick!

By Rose-Hannah Lishman