A New Take on Private Travel for the Rio Olympics 2016

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

Victor is Uber, but with one, small difference: they operate in the sky. Forget the hassle of taking an economy flight, booking a year in advance and struggling to find a time that suits you. With Victor, it’s the opposite of a chore to fly; the only slight drawback is that it’s also a little more expensive.

The fees are worth the flight though, that’s for sure. If you were considering heading to Rio in Brazil this summer to enjoy the Olympic Games, then it’s likely you’ve already booked your flights, or you’re struggling to find a decent air-fare at such late notice.

This is where Victor comes in handy, for those last-minute Olympic observers who still want to venture to Rio, family in tow, and enjoy all the athletics the legendary games has to offer, without the stress of finding 5 free seats on a full and frustrating flight.

What’s more, with Victor, you’re sure to arrive revived, with free Wi-Fi, shower, and even a bedroom. Don’t worry about the children getting jet-lag or packing refreshing beauty products because if you can spare a cool £652,887 and hire Victor’s Airbus A319, you’ll soon be landing fresh off your private jet and be enthralled in the Olympic experience in no time.

Of course, this 6-figure price allows you a capacity of up to 18 passengers and room for 35 pieces of luggage so you can take as much as you can carry, without the restrictions of mainstream airlines or the familiar struggle of trying to secure seats together. Extra legroom too? Check.

The company can even offer luxury accommodation with Oasis Collections on arrival, so you can step out of your luxury residence in the air, to something just as indulgent on the ground. Safe flight!

By Rose-Hannah Lishman