A New Vision of Time: Chopard's 'Happy Sport'

By Superyachts.com

In 1993, capturing the spirit of the age, Caroline Scheufele imagined a sports watch based on a unique and explosive combination: steel and diamonds. Unprecedented boldness: the Happy Sport was born.

Faithful to the spirit of the Happy Diamonds that appear on its dial, like prima ballerinas freely swirling between two sapphire crystals, the Happy Sport soon became a figurehead for both the manufacture and for women's watches.

Luminous Dial: Pearly Nacre
The softness of this exceptional material, often used by the Maison Chopard, offers the infinite, unique nuances captured at the heart of the shell where the most precious inflections are concealed. The iridescent silk of pearly nacre, its rarity, and the singularity of its texture bring a unique character to several Happy Sport creations. 

Iconic Pebble Strap
Chopard breathes life back into the original strap of its iconic watch. A mesh made of rounded, exceedingly polished pebbles that pays tribute to the original Happy Sport strap that, in 1993, reinvented the notions of style, allure and elegance with a watch that is at once sophisticated and sporty. 

A Sublime Oval
By redesigning the oval according to its own aesthetic, the Happy Sport takes on a multicultural symbol of abundance and eternity. The oval – a spatial representation of the egg, a place of both withdrawal and new beginnings – is the landscape of all possibilities, where the promising transformations of the future begin to take shape. On the Happy Sport Oval dial, each second contains a hint of emotions to come.  

Manufacture Movement
Through its watchmaking expertise, the Maison equips the Happy Sport Oval and 30 mm Happy Sport watches with a self-wound mechanical movement, the 09.01-C, specially developed by the Chopard manufacture for its ladies’ watches.

By Superyachts.com