A Spotlight on The Bahamas: A Winter Escape

By Christina Tsangaris

When it comes to a superyacht escape like no other, The Bahamas provides a pristine paradise a world-away from quieter than ever city-life and mundane daily-routines. Take to these glistening island hotspots for a superyacht escape to remember...

The Bahamas is made up of 700 islands and over 2,000 rocks and cays, sprinkled over 100,000 square miles of ocean. The archipelago is an ecological oasis, boasting the clearest water on the planet. We've comprised some of the ultimate hotspots for a superyacht sensation in total island bliss...

The Glitter of The Exumas

With sapphire-blue waters making up its landscape, The Exumas are an exotic selection of diamond destinations aching to be explored. Desolate beaches, uber-exclusive resorts, and islands akin to a postcard paradise present privacy and seclusion at its best. The Exumas' coastline remain flawless and private homes invite guests to sublime seclusion all wrapped up in Caribbean hospitality.

Unforgettable Eleuthera & Harbour Island

Some may know its endless pineapple fields, others its instagram-worthy white- and pink-sand beach, Eleuthera & Harbour Island offers nature at its best. From its secluded coves and miles of coastlines, much of the architecture and way of life was influenced by British Loyalists who settled there in the 1700s. This style has since been adopted by the other Bahamian islands, making Eleuthera & Harbour Island the birthplace of the entire country. In addition, the islands continue to charm visitors with tropical flair, only to be experienced in person.

Andros Appeal
Andros—the largest, yet most sparsely developed of all The Bahamas—is king when it comes to exceptional natural surroundings. In this tropical hotspot you’ll find the world’s third-largest fringing barrier reef and numerous species of flora and fauna. Whether you want to kayak its scenic beauty, hike its hilltops or simply birdwatch is peace and serenity, the appeal of Andros is truly endless.

The Abacos Chain of Charm

A 120-mile chain of islands and cays dotted by mangroves and white sand beaches, The Abacos still remains a place of magical awe and beauty.  Its breathtaking natural wilderness continues to recover following its hurricane devestation, and hotels, beach resorts, and fishing lodges have contnued to reopen successfully, welcoming guests to some of the world’s best superyacht sailing grounds in the world.

The Beauty of Bimini

Located just 50 miles off Florida’s coast, Bimini is the closest Bahamian island to the United States, which makes it perfect for those seeking a welcomed respite into island beauty. Boasting miles of diamond beaches, it is no surprise the region was known as Ernest Hemingway’s all-time-favourite escape. For hsitory lovers, Bimini remains incredibly significant. Visitors from around the world enjoy its historical complexity and renowned past, including Bimini Road, which some believe is a remnant of the legendary Lost City of Atlantis.

By Christina Tsangaris