A Year in Review for Winch Design in Luxury

By Christina Tsangaris

2021 has been a landmark year for the studio and perhaps the most memorable since its founding in 1986. With numerous projects delivered and signed, anniversaries celebrated, awards won and employee ownership announced, it truly has been a milestone in the history of Winch Design and has laid the foundations for the next 35 years.

Architecture and Interiors at Winch Design

The Architecture studio was delighted to take home its first ever award, with the Seychelles Boutique Hotel winning 'Best Suite' at The Ahead Awards. This signified a strong start to the studio's commercial career and the team is excited to be working on a major European hotel due for delivery in 2022.

In Spring of this year, the team was proud to deliver a landmark project in South Africa. This impressive project took four years to deliver from concept to completion and was a major undertaking for the team. They worked together with the client, a young businessman, to design and deliver the ultimate inside-outside home and a space which epitomises tranquillity, celebrating light and the colours of the sea and sky. 

Giving back in 2021

A true marker of a good year at Winch Design also means sharing their successes, and they've made strong headway when it comes to reaching their Life Worth Living targets. This year saw the continuation of their Under Winch's Wing initiative, where they provide a platform to showcase the work of some of the independent makers and studios that they work with. They were delighted to put together an event showcasing the very best of British craftsmanship at London Craft Week, inviting their friends and contacts to meet the makers and hear Andrew speak about the 'Role of the Modern Patron'.

Their commitment to education took leaps forward this year, as they hosted over 10 interns from Kingston, Coventry and Southampton Solent Universities and The Bartlett School of Architecture, many of whom have gone on to secure permanent employment in their respective teams. They also worked together with a group of Graphic Design students from Richmond College, and commissioned the logo animation seen on their website from one of the talented students on the course.

Winch Design Became Employee Owned

Winch Design was proud to reveal that as of July 1st, the company became fully employee owned. Employee Ownership sits beautifully with the Winch ethos as a company which has always placed the highest value on its people, whose loyalty, talent and commitment have played a vital part in the success of the studio. It therefore seemed a fitting and natural progression in the history of Winch, that the Senior Leadership Team and the entire cohort continue to build on the strong legacy of the company.

Employee Ownership will have a positive impact on the many clients and partners of Winch who will benefit from the ‘owner mindset’. The amalgamation of the heritage and unparalleled experience that Andrew has given and will continue to give to his team, together with the energy and ambition of the next generation will be a powerful combination for the future of Winch Design.

By Christina Tsangaris