Abu Dhabi Receives Gold Bar Vending Machine

By B. Roberts

Abu Dhabi, home of the extravagant, has unveiled the first gold vending machine. The Machine, coated in gold, dispenses 320 different gold items ranging from gold bars which can weight up to 10 grams to customised coins.

Located in the exquisite Emirates Palace Hotel which itself sports an impressive amount of gold, from painted gold ceilings to gold flakes on top of cappuccino’s. The value of gold has recently hit a record high due to the current instability of the eurozone, prompting a perfect opportunity to invest in the precious metal.

The Vending Machine was released under the ‘Gold to Go’ brand, created by Thomas Geissler who is also chief executive of Ex Oriente Lux. Geissler stated "All of the gold is imported from Germany, and soon we will have a customized gold bar with a print of the Emirates Palace logo, which will be a nice souvenir for guests to take home."

Connected and safety protected, the machine checks the price of gold against international markets every 10 minutes, offering an updated and competitive price due to low overheads.

"On the first night we had a lot of demand," revealed the Geissler "One customer even bought one item of every product we have."

The machine currently only takes currency but will take cards in the future, increasing its accessibility and popularity with the Middle Eastern market, with machines planned for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

By B. Roberts