Air Balloon Will Take Passengers To Space

By P. Joseph

A Spanish entrepreneur is developing an air balloon capable of carrying passengers 22 miles above the surface of the earth and allowing them a unique view of the planet.

Jose Lopez-Urdiales says his flying device – dubbed a ‘bloon’ – will be capable of ascending into the stratosphere, offering a glimpse into the blackness of space and providing passengers with stunning views including dramatic sunrises.

Customers will be able to spend three hours floating above the planet and it will take around an hour to ascend and an hour to return to the earth.

To make its descent the ‘bloon’ will deploy a sail. Once the craft hits a certain altitude a parachute is deployed to carry the capsule safely back to earth.

The pressurised capsule will be able to accommodate two pilots and four passengers.

The ‘bloon’ is slated to make its first manned trip to the edge of space in 2013. The price of a ticket for the round trip will be £90,000.

By P. Joseph