Airbnb ‘Plus’ Offers Guests City-Based Luxury Homes

By Paul Joseph

What was once merely used by ‘couch-surfers’ looking for cheap accommodation, home rentals giants Airbnb are moving further into the luxury sector by adding high-end properties and services to its growing empire.

The exclusive hospitality portal is now set to expand its services by rolling out exclusive luxury stays as well as new loyalty schemes for its guests.

The brand recently unveiled the ‘Airbnb Plus ‘– a feature that offers 2000 luxury homes across 13 well-known cities. As well as from finding a stay in the Shared Space, Private Room and Entire Home categories, users can now search for a perfect holiday home under clusters like Vacation Home, Unique Space, B&B and Boutique for hotels.

Guests can choose from properties that are sorted and personally verified by Airbnb to ensure standards remain high.

Additionally, the brand will also introduce a programme that rewards loyal guests with features such as airport pickups and local gyms access, all as part of the Super guest experience.

Brian Chesk, CEO of Airbnb, says: “We think we finally do have a home for everyone. I want you to imagine arriving to a city and someone says, ‘welcome to my home.’ Where home isn’t just a house, but anywhere you belong.”

Last year Airbnb acquired Montreal based Luxury Retreats, meaning that users could access homes including a $4,673 per night villa in Tuscany and a 22,000 per night seaside retreat in the Turks and Caicos.

By Paul Joseph