Airbus Helicopters Discuss the Benefits of Private Flying

By Paul Joseph

When it comes to private aviation, helicopters are an increasingly popular choice for high net-worth individuals keen to benefit from the unparalleled access they afford.

And with new technologies making helicopters quieter, faster and with longer range than ever before, this growth is only likely to continue.

Market leaders in the field of helicopter construction and sales are Airbus Helicopters UK, part of the Airbus Group, which is most famous for its creation of the A380, the world's largest commercial passenger plane.

We sat down with Alvaro Beteta Meredith, Head of Communications at Airbus Helicopters UK, at the recent Top 100 event in London, to learn more about why so many people are choosing the chopper option.

“Airbus Helicopters has got the widest range of products on the market today and we are very experienced at tailoring our products to meet our customers’ requirements,” he began by telling us. “Not only that, to enrich our offering we’re also got long-standing partnerships with some of the industry-leading designers and shipyards which all helps to meet our customers’ highest expectations.”

So what are some of the benefits of owning a private helicopter over, say, a private jet?

“Actually these are complementary,” he explained. “A helicopter offers you the opportunity to travel from door to door. It’s also offering you a continuance of your privacy and its key benefit is also access. It allows you to see the wonders of the natural world, or even relive the experiences of the explorers of old.

“The panoramic views, especially at low altitude flying, really add to the thrill of the experience and when our customers enjoy this they like to sit close to the pilot or even fly the aircraft themselves. But this also extends the lifestyle experience, allowing door to door access, so that would mean from your yacht you can access your remote villa or even that isolated resort that you can’t access by any other means.”

You can watch the full video interview with Alvaro Beteta Meredith above this article.

By Paul Joseph