Al Capone’s 1928 Cadillac On Sale for $1 Million

By Paul Joseph

A 1928 Cadillac once owned by the infamous American gangster Al Capone is currently on sale for $1 million.

Said to be one of the earliest surviving bulletproof vehicles, the Cadillac is fitted with glass almost an inch thick and is lined with nearly 3,000 pounds of armour plating.

It features a Series 341-A, 90-bhp, 341 cubic-inch L-head V8 engine copulated to a three-speed manual, with a beam front axle and full-floating rear axle with semi-elliptical leaf springs and four-wheel mechanical drum brakes.

The car is painted green and comes with a rear window that was specially rigged to drop quickly to allow occupants to shoot would-be pursuers.

Al Capone is said to have purchased the automobile from a Chicago garage owned by Emil Denemark.

Thereafter the car has been passed down to several owners and has also been on display at the Niagara Falls Antique Auto Museum, the Cars of the Greats museum in Niagara Falls and at the B.H. Atchley’s Smoky Mountain Car Museum in Tennessee.

The Cadillac Town Sedan is currently listed with Celebrity Cars and can be purchased for an estimated price of $1 million.

By Paul Joseph