Alain Giudice on Building a New History at Faro Blanco Yacht Club

By Paul Joseph

When Faro Blanco Yacht Club & Marina reopened its doors at the end of last year, it did so with the firm hand of history on its shoulder.

First built over sixty years ago, the marina development has played a crucial role in the boating history of the Florida Keys, and after falling into disrepair has now been revitalised and is firmly back in business complete with a new luxury hotel, a revamped marina and a host of lavish amenities.

We sat down with Alain Giudice, General Manager of Faro Blanco, at the recent Miami Boat Show, to find out more about the new and improved development and how it hopes to build on the legacy that began all those years ago.

“It’s been a labour of love after seven years and I think we can say now ‘this is it’. About a month ago we opened the east bay centre of the marina, and we’re very close to opening the larger bay centre which is the west side, which will be able to accommodate yachts up to 120 feet.”

“We have a fantastic restaurant, the Lighthouse Grill and obviously we have the Hyatt Place [Hotel], so the two brands together are very strong and we are very happy so far and looking forward to continuing to develop.”

You can watch the full video interview with Mr Giudice above this article.

By Paul Joseph