Albany: World Class Sport in the Heart of The Bahamas

By Paul Joseph

Since opening its doors in 2010, The Albany Resort in The Bahamas has become a home from home for the world’s sporting elite.

Thanks to its world class facilities, including an 18-hole championship golf course designed by one of Albany’s main investors, the golf legend Ernie Els, a number of renowned names from the world of sport come to the luxury resort community where they are able to combine practice sessions with rest and recuperation.

In addition to its golf course, Albany also boasts 6 tennis courts, 3 paddle tennis courts, a state-of-the-art fitness centre with 8 fulltime fitness instructors, a boxing room, karate studio, pilates studio, spinning studio and a lap pool.

If that’s not enough, Albany also plans to open a dedicated medical centre designed to help sports men and women maintain their rigorous fitness regimes in both the close season and during the season.

Albany hopes that this will attract even more sports stars to come to the resort, joining the already swelling ranks of golf players, soccer players, basketball players, tennis players and racing drives who both visit and, in some cases, live there.

Even the transportation around the resort comes with a sporting feel, with residents whizzing from one spot to another in golf carts.

But it is testament to Albany’s success that despite its plethora of sporting facilities, it is still a world class luxury resort in its own right, with its chic accommodations, top quality dining, and pristine swimming pools overlooked by stylish cabanas. So whether you’re the sporty type or the kick-back-and-relax type, you’ll find everything you need at The Albany Resort.

By Paul Joseph