Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept Leaked

By B. Roberts

Vital design concepts of the new Alfa Romeo Pandion concept sports car designed by Italian designer Stile Bertone for Alfa Romeo have been leaked on the internet.

After releasing only a sketch of the new alfa romeo pandion at the beginning of the month, images have now been leaked of the super sleek and revolutionary Pandion sports car, throwing a wave of excitement over enthusiasts.

Designed by Stile Bertone, at first glance the car appears only semi-concealed by the bodywork, allowing an almost panoramic view of the world from the driver’s seat. The chassis itself is a smooth, streamlined design with the rear looking as technical as a fighter engines jet.

No information has currently been given about the cars specifications by Alfa Romeo who are hoping to debut the sports car in Geneva later this year.

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By B. Roberts