“Amazon for Millionaires” Online VIP Marketplace is Launched

By Paul Joseph

An ultra-exclusive UK-based online marketplace dubbed ‘Amazon for millionaires’ has launched, offering the world’s super-rich the chance to buy the finest luxury items, all on a single website.

With a catalogue of more than 200,000 luxury goods from all around the world, HushHush.com offers fine art, jewellery, watches, supercars, property, vineyards, private islands and even yachts, all delivered to your door (or indeed mooring) direct from the seller.

The most expensive item available on the marketplace at present is a £41.3 million Admiral Explorer yacht, but with a regularly updated catalogue, the people behind the website claim this is likely to quickly change.

The site aims to become the trusted go-to destination for high-end consumers, helping the world’s wealthiest consumers to access all the luxury products and services they want. What’s more, with a VIP personal shopping concierge service, the website’s discerning team promise to find anything for its buyers, at any hour of the day.

Speaking about the new service, Founder and CEO, Aaron Harpin, said,“We wanted to create the leading destination for millionaires and billionaires to buy the finest things in life, all conveniently on one website.

“The VIP concierge sector has grown massively in recent years, and the world’s most affluent consumers are increasingly turning to online marketplaces to source the goods they want.

“Our customers can find everything from yachts and property to supercars and art, underwater jet skis and arcade games to vineyards and Texan ranches. We really do offer everything our customers might enjoy; and our commitment to customer satisfaction and confidentiality is absolutely paramount.”

Other notable items currently listed on HushHush.com include a £2 million jewel-encrusted Rubik’s Cube.

By Paul Joseph