Amphibious Quadbike Fit for James Bond Set to Hit The Market

By Paul Joseph

With the new James Bond film ‘Skyfall’ set for release, the impending arrival of a Bond-esque high-speed amphibious Quadbike onto the market could not have been timed any better.

Michigan-based Gibbs Technologies has announced that its Quadski ATV, which is capable of traversing both land and sea, is expected to hit the US market by the end of the year, priced at $40,000 (£25,000).

The culmination of 15 years' research and development, the vehicle is equipped with a four-cylinder, BMW Motorrad K1300 engine that can produce 175 hp, and reach up to 45 mph on both water and land.

Weighing 1,300-pounds and measuring 10.5 feet in length, it features retractable wheels for when it is on the water as well as Gibbs’ patented water jet propulsion system.

The vehicle also comes with all-terrain tyres and boasts a light weight composite hull, wide track and low centre of gravity, enhancing both performance and comfort.

The cost of developing the Quadski ATV over the past 15 years is said to have exceeded $200 million (£125m).

By Paul Joseph