An Interview with Jeweller Annoushka Ducas

By Paul Joseph

Annoushka Ducas MBE began designing jewellery 25 years ago while in Hong Kong and in 1990 she and her husband founded the prestigious Links of London brand. Then in 2009 she launched her own fine jewellery house, Annoushka.

We sat down with the gifted jeweller to learn more about the inspiration behind her designs, how it feels to see celebrities wearing her trinkets, and the recent announcement of a brand new Annoushka concession in Harvey Nichols.

Superyachts: Colour and creativity are the main design credentials behind an Annouska piece, but what other elements make up the collection?

Annoushka Ducas: "For me jewellery should be something emotive; something to ‘treasure’. From the beginning I have always wanted to design tactile, playful jewellery that can be worn every day by independent women who are buying for themselves. Through my jewellery designs I constantly try to re-imagine a piece of jewellery in a new context, always with a sense of modernity. On an aesthetic level, a strong sense of colour is key to my work combined with exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful design. At the heart of every collection is playfulness – I am constantly experimenting with unexpected combinations of colour and texture. My designs combine wearability and glamour: I believe a piece of jewellery should become so much a part of you that it never looks out of place; it should be expressive and versatile. Whether worn with a pair of jeans or a cocktail dress, I want to ensure that every piece in my collection surprises, delights and inspires every time it’s worn."

SY: The Seafood Lockets are extremely unique, what inspired you to design such individual masterpieces?

AD: "The Seafood lockets are the newest addition to my Mythology Collection which embodies my ongoing commitment to designing jewellery which is talismanic and imbued with meaning. Both of these pieces – which are limited to an edition of twenty four each – are laden with symbolism: the lobster of longevity and the crab of prosperity. I love their intricately bejewelled bodies which open to reveal a polished rose-gold interiors doubling up as hidden compartments."

SY: It’s an exciting time for Annoushka - what are you hoping the concession in Harvey Nichols will bring to the brand?

AD: "I am really excited about our new concession within the new Jewellery Room at Harvey Nichols: the Annoushka space will be the largest concession in the room at 220 square foot and within this space we will be able to showcase our core collections alongside my Annoushka 24 limited edition pieces and my one-of-a-kind pieces." 

SY: Your London boutiques already support other international guest designers by showcasing their pieces. Will this also be the case in Harvey Nichols and can you tell us about some of your favourite guests?

AD: "From the beginning at Annoushka I have always really enjoyed showcasing a hand-picked selection of wonderful guest designers whose work I admire enormously. This November will see the launch of our first ‘Selim at Annoushka’ concession which will sit next door to my concession within the Jewellery Room. At 120 square foot, this stand-alone space is the first of its kind in the UK and will boast a hand-picked selection of Selim Mouzannar’s strikingly unique jewellery creations including his Beirut and Instanbul collections. My visiting designers programme currently boasts a roster of international world-renowned designers alongside Selim, including Russian artist Ilgiz F, Indian designer Sutra and Paris-based jeweller Lydia Courteille – all of whose bejewelled designs are available exclusively at a number of Annoushka outlets in the UK. This curatorial role combines my love of jewellery with the close relationships and creative partnerships I have formed with each guest designer, supporting and championing their work whilst providing a platform for their pieces within the UK."

SY: You have some history with Harvey Nichols from the beginnings of your career. Has this collaboration been in the pipe line for a while now?

AD: "We are incredibly proud of our long-standing relationship with Harvey Nichols: we launched our first ever concession in Harvey Nichols London in 2010 and six years on we are delighted to boast concessions in Harvey Nichols Leeds and Manchester. With the re-launch of the Jewellery Room at Harvey Nichols, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to launch our Seafood Amulets exclusively online at"

By Paul Joseph