“World’s Most Accurate Wristwatch” by Richard Hoptroff

By Paul Joseph

British watch-maker Richard Hoptroff has created what is being billed as the world’s first atomic wristwatch.

The craftsman has already achieved widespread acclaim for creating Bluetooth-enabled and atomic clock-powered timepieces, as well as the previous most accurate watch in the world, the No. 10, using an onboard atomic clock as regulator.

No he has produced the No.16 using the same technology but with a notably alternative design. The wristwatch uses an infinity double dial design allowing enough space to minimise width and thickness ensuring comfort on the wrist.

The watch displays eight complications, with time, sidereal time and equation of time on the right face and perpetual date, perpetual moon phase, sunrise, sunset and power reserve. Two face figures bridge the dials with eyes of blue sapphire that glow once each minute.

The No.16 is accurate to one-and-a-half seconds every thousand years, or one second per hundred years in low power mode. In low power mode the rechargeable No.16 has an estimated battery life of three months.

Just 100 pieces of the Hoptroff No.16 will be produced in either 950 platinum, 18-karat gold and tarnish-free Britannia Silver with prices starting at £8,150.

By Paul Joseph