“World’s Most Expensive Gin” on Sale at Selfridges

By Paul Joseph

The Birmingham branch of high-end department store Selfridges is currently stocking what is claimed to be the world’s most expensive gin.

Limited to just one bottle, the Watenshi “Japanese Angel” gin comes with an eye-popping price tag of almost £2,000.

It is on display in the Selfridge’s food hall where it will remain until Christmas Eve, unless purchased, the store has confirmed.

Crafted by the world-renowned Cambridge Distillery, the spirit was recently crowned Gin of the Year at the China & Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Awards.

Adam Hockney, general manager of Selfridges Birmingham, said: “We are thrilled to have the Watenshi in store and we are sure it is going to create a buzz, especially for the gin lovers among us.”

The gin is said to be created by using air pressure less than half that found at the summit of Mount Everest and a temperature colder than the South Pole, with the finest one per cent of each distillation retained rather than evaporating into the atmosphere.

Swiss designers Loris & Livia and jeweller Antoine Sandoz were commissioned to perfect the bottles. Each one is hand blown, with the stoppers turned in Switzerland, and the silver decorations designed, cast, polished, engraved and plated in London.

Only 36 bottles of the gin are produced each year and only six can be released to any one country.

By Paul Joseph